Master of Public Health International Program

Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University

Survival in Thailand

Some useful Thai phrases

These few words and sentences might be of help if you are without a guide. If you speak very slowly chances are you could be understood even though the tone in speaking could be slightly off

I want to go shopping
Phom (a pronoun for men) / Chan (a pronoun for women) chah pai sue khong.

What time do the stores open?
Pok-kati raankha perd ki mong?

I'll buy it if it is cheaper.
Phom/chan chah sue tha lod dai ik.

Very expensive.
Phaeng maak.

Stop here.
Yout thi-ni.

Wait a minute.
Khoi sak-khrou nueng.

Is it far from here?
Klai maak mai?

Don't drive so fast.
Ya khap reow.

I don't speak Thai well.
Phom/chan poud Thai mai keng.